What is the maximum size of a pallet that can be stored?

Conventional pallets have a footprint of 1000mmx1200mm or 800mm x 1000mm. The smaller of these are regularly referred to as Euro Pallets. We can accommodate either of these sized pallets but with a maximum height of 1600mm (1.6m). Larger pallets can be accommodated if required, please contact us for more information

How are my goods stored?

Our warehouse is equipped with the highest quality of pallet racking for the safe and efficient storage of your goods. Once received your pallets are placed into a designated rack using our forklifts and pallet trucks

Is the warehouse secure?

Yes, our warehouse is a modern building complete with monitored alarm, CCTV , fire alarms and locked gated access doors. It is located within a gated and well-lit business park.

Are my goods insured?

This is a question we are regularly asked. While we do have warehouse keepers insurance in line with our terms and conditions we recommend that our clients insure their own products listing our premises as the place of storage. Be wary of providers who blanketly claim that they insure your products for all loss.  We have taken this position based on years of experience and after hearing too many horror stories. We would be happy to discuss in greater detail by phone call

Can you arrange collection of my goods?

Yes, we have our own fleet of vehicles and manage this completely in house. Our largest truck is equipped to carry 14 pallets at a time and if necessary we can arrange an artic unit to collect up to 26 pallets per load.  We also have a number of smaller vans for the collection of smaller amounts

Is there a minimum storage period or charge?

There is no minimum storage period but we do operate a minimum monthly storage charge of €25 per month

Can I get access to my goods while in storage?

Of course! Our facility is manned regular office hours and in the case of emergency our managers/owners live within 15 minutes of the warehouse and will answer your call at any time.

What are your payment terms?

We invoice at the end of each month and payment is appreciated within 30 days from date of invoice.

Can you provide pallets and packaging materials?

Yes, if you require your goods to be palletised upon arrival we can accommodate this. Please call for further details based on your exact requirements